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The RD2100XL scuba air compressor for boats shares the same air compressor and Honda engine as the R260XL and R360XL, but comes mounted on an aluminum plate with vibration isolation.

Product Description

The deck mount equivalent of Model R260XL Floating Dive Compressor, when you don't need the case or float. Identical Air Line hookah dive compressor/engine assembly, but mounted on a 16 by 16 by 0.25 inch aluminum plate with white rubber footies and vibration isolators between the assembly and the plate. Two handles installed for easy carrying. Standard gear package is for two divers. For range away from boat or dock, it comes with two fully swiveled 100 ft. scuba tank hoses, with particle filters. Also standard are two adjustable regulators and belts to secure the hoses to the user's waist.


  • Compressor: Thomas/Air Line, single-head, direct-drive, oil-free, Wobble-piston.
  • Air Displacement: 12.5 CFM/FAD, 9.8 @ 50 PSI.
  • Performance: Two to a depth of 85 feet, three to 60, four to 40 with Add A Diver 100 ft. package(s).
  • Air Rating: Grade-E Compressed Gas Association of America.
  • Operating Speed: 3,400 RPM (This is important. Check the competition).
  • Motor: Honda, 4 HP, 4 cycle, OHV.
  • Operating Time: Three hours on 2.5 qts. gas.
  • Warranty: One year on compressor by Thomas; Three years on Honda motor; One year on all other parts.

The Standard Gear Package:

  • 1 - Compressor/Engine assembly
  • 1 - 10 ft. US Navy heat hose
  • 1 - Hose splitter
  • 2 - 100 ft. fully swiveled, individual diver hoses
  • 4 - Washable, stainless-steel particle filters
  • 2 - Tow Belts
  • 2 - Weight Belts
  • 2 - Adjustable, hookah-specific, 2nd stage regulator w/fully rotational, 360º swivel
  • 1 - 10 ft. Remote air intake hose and filter
  • 1 -  Mesh gear bag for storage of hoses, remote air intake hose, etc.
  • 1 - Owners manual (Honda and Air Line/Thomas)

*Compressor/engine on 16 by 16 by 0.25 inch aluminum plate with vibration isolators and white deck protectors.

Off the dive compressor is a 10 ft. heat-transfer hose for air cooling. As shown, a 10 ft. intake snorkel hose assures clean, dry air when properly positioned under the boat top.

Suggested options: Add A Diver 100 ft. packages; hose extensions; Mantis full face masks with communications. See Accessories.

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