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"The UN-COPIED, UNEQUALED Leader". 4.0 HP, 4 cycle, OHV, Honda engine. Performance: 2 to depth of 85 ft., 3 to 60 ft., 4 to 40 ft..

Product Description

EXceL,.eXceLlent. No matter how you spell it, The Air Line by J Sink's R260XL floating dive compressor is the unequalled, uncopied leader of the pack! The bad boy that gives the competition nightmares. A large, single-head floating hookah dive compressor that equals, or betters in delivered air, the other guy's double-head. Can be serviced by you---in the field---in 15-30 minutes, with just a few common hand tools and that, after hundreds and hundreds of hours of faithful service. 


  • Compressor: Thomas/Air Line, LARGE, single-head, direct-drive, oil-free, Wobble piston.
  • Performance: 12.5 CFM @ 0 PSI, 9.8 @ 50 PSI. Two to 85 ft., three to 60 ft., four to 40 ft..
  • Air Rating: Grade-E Compressed Gas Association of America.
  • Full-time operating speed, compressor and motor: 3,400 RPM.
  • Motor: Honda, 4 hp, 4 cycle.
  • Operating time: 3 hours. (Watch your decomp. time) on 2.5 qts. of gas.
  • Size in Polypropylene Case: 19.5 x 25 x 17 inches high.
  • Inflated Float Size: 38 inches. (Stable up to four foot seas. Use also as deck-mount on pan.)
  • Warranty: One year on air compressor by Thomas; Three year on Honda motor; One year on all other parts.
  • Weight: 55lbs.

The Standard Gear Package:

  • 1 - Surface supplied air compressor/engine assembly
  • 1 - Polypropylene storage case
  • 1 - 5 ft. US Navy heat hose
  • 1 - Agricultural-grade inner tube
  • 1 - 1,000 denier, U/V stabilized Cordura float cover
  • 1 - Hose splitter
  • 2 - 60 ft. fully swiveled, individual diver hoses
  • 4 - Washable, stainless-steel particle filters
  • 2 - Tow Belts
  • 2 - Weight Belts
  • 2 - Adjustable, hookah-specific, 2nd stage regulator w/fully rotational, 360º swivel
  • 1 - Air intake staff and filter
  • 1 - Down diver flag
  • 1 -  Mesh gear bag for storage of hoses, deflated float tube, air intake staff, etc.
  • 1 -  Inflator hose to inflate float tube
  • 1 - Owners manual (Honda and Air Line/Thomas)

Want a third diver?? Check out the R360XL Hookah Dive System.

Add only, your personal gear, a little gas, oil and a body of water (not included), and the fun and friends will be forthcoming. Maybe more friends than you knew you had.

A very tough (but caring) single-head floating scuba compressor, cut from a solid block of aluminum, and featuring a prominent, six-inch cooling fan. There is no restriction in its ability to disburse heat. The fan also has the effect of deflecting splash while it is pushing out heated air. Click here to review Air Line-Only features.

Further, the large vent affords the possibility of washing off the bearing/piston assembly after the dive day, to rid critical working parts of the destructive effects of salt. There is absolutely no disassembly involved. Salt WILL enter the interior of ANY diving compressor as it cannot be hermetically sealed, as some circulation of hot air is needed. As with all of The Air Line by J Sink's hookah dive compressors, it is marinized inside and out for long, l-o-n-g service life.

In the Pre Airolinean Geologic period, a single-head diving compressor could be counted on to supply air for two to a depth of about 30 feet. R260XL will see that and raise (actually, lower) it 55 feet. No kidding; two to 85 feet, three to 60, four to 40. (Real numbers, not the hoped-for numbers you would get with a single, down hose system that additionally has to run slower)

The way this works is quite simple: The XL provides 12.5 CFM/FAD. The cylinder is an impressive three inch inside diameter with 1-7/8 inch stroke at 3,600 RPM. The XL is powered by Honda's 4 HP, 4-cycle (no mixing), motor. One of the most popular motors in the world, with thousands of service facilities. With a capacity of just 2.5 quarts of gas, it will run continually for three hours. Put four people on the system and you've effectively eliminated 12, count em, 12 scuba air tanks. (Cost to re-fill 12 Scuba tanks will conservatively be about $72.00)

We get the common question: How loud is the unit?

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