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TR60 Tank Regulator Hose

Air Line by J Sink

A 60 ft. regulator hose enables you to leave your scuba tank topside and enjoy unencumbered freedom of movement, like snorkeling.

Product Description

An alternative to normal scuba diving gear, for those times when you want to leave the scuba tank topside. The hose ends have the standard fittings to connect to a scuba regulator 1st and 2nd stage. You can purchase the diving hose without a regulator and use the 1st and 2nd stage from your own scuba regulator, or else we can provide a dedicated high quality Dive Rite 2nd stage or both 1st and 2nd stages, so you don’t have to swap them out with your own scuba regulator (see options in drop down list). Each 60ft. regulator hose includes a tow belt, so the diver is towing the hose from the waist. Also, includes a drawstring nylon storage bag.


  • At the topside end, a 24 inch 1st stage whip hose with the standard 3/8”-24 male fitting that connects to a low pressure port on a scuba regulator 1st stage.
  • A 60 ft. down hose with swiveled hose fittings at both ends to prevent the hose from kinking.
  • At the diver's end, a 38 inch 2nd stage whip hose with a standard 9/16”-18 2nd stage regulator body fitting to attach a scuba regulator second stage.
  • Tow belt that the hose clips onto, so the diver is towing the hose from the back, waist area.
  • Nylon drawstring carry bag.
  • Hose retention strap.
  • All scuba diving regulator hose fittings are solid-brass, nickel-plated fittings. No plastic fittings here.

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