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Tow Belt

Air Line by J Sink

A replacement scuba diving tow belt that allows you to connect to an Air Line diver hose and tow from the waist.

Collections: Accessories

Category: Tow Belt

Product Description

A replacement tow belt, in case you lose the tow belt that originally came with each of The Air Line by J Sink's diver hoses in your Air Line hookah dive system. The Air Line diver hose connects with a buckle on the Tow Belt to allow the diver to tow the hose from the waist. The Tow Belt is constructed from durable 2 inch nylon webbing, and includes a snap together buckle receptacle to mate with the buckle on the Air Line diving hoses. The belt buckle and the hose connection buckle feature a 2 point buckle release. The standard Tow Belt is adjustable for up to a 43 inch waist. The Tow Belt XL is adjustable for up to a 55 inch waist.

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