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Tow Belt

Air Line by J Sink

A replacement tow belt to connect an Air Line diver hose to the belt and tow the hose from the waist.

Collections: Accessories

Category: Tow Belt

Product Description

A replacement tow belt, in case you lose the tow belt that originally came with each of the Air Line diver hoses in your Air Line hookah dive system. The Air Line diver hose connects with a buckle on the Tow Belt to allow the diver to tow the hose from the waist. The Tow Belt is constructed from durable 2 inch nylon webbing, and includes a snap together buckle receptacle to mate with the buckle on the Air Line diving hoses. The belt buckle and the hose connection buckle feature a 2 point buckle release. The standard Tow Belt is adjustable for up to a 43 inch waist. The Tow Belt XL is adjustable for up to a 55 inch waist.

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