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Torpedo 3500

Air Line by J Sink

Scuba divers pursue their sport to experience the fun and excitement of the underwater world.  A Torpedo 3500 DPV can enhance this experience by providing greater mobility and extended time while using less effort. Keep an extra Torpedo Sea Scooter Battery on deck in case of an emergency.

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Product Description

- Experience more underwater wonders
- Locate better photo subjects
- Find more lobsters and bigger fish
- Lower your air consumption up to 50%
- Get 5x more range over normal scuba propulsion
- Affordable underwater diver propulsion vehicle (DPV)
- User-friendly with easy maintenance
- Reliable uncomplicated design
- Have fun while operating the Torpedo 3500 underwater propulsion vehicle


    • Height: 33" (Includes Top)
    • Diameter of housing: 10"
    • Width: 12" (Handle to Handle)
    • Depth Rating: 170'
    • Weight: 24 lbs (Without Battery), 50 lbs (With Battery)
    • Buoyancy: -2.5 lbs
    • Battery: 32 AH absorbed electrolyte, sealed lead acid.
    • Battery Dimensions: Width 5-1/8", Height 6", Length 7-5/8".


  • Battery Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Battery Time: 45 Min.

Battery Charger

  • Battery Charge: Fully automatic, 6.0 Amp (output), 120 V AC, 60 HZ (input). (220 V AC, 50 Hz available as special order)
  • Speed: 3.5 MPH

Construction Materials

  • Housing: Bi-axial reinforced fiberglass, or impact ABS
  • Top: Impact ABS
  • Handles: Powder coated aluminum
  • Shroud: Impact ABS
  • Hardware: Stainless steel
  • Ring: Polycarbonate

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