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The Mantis Mask

Air Line by J Sink

A comfortable, dry, 100% silicone full face mask that can be attached to the Air Line regulator, or most scuba regulators in place of the mouthpiece. The optional Buddy Phone wireless underwater communications transceiver unit can be installed to enable diver to diver, or diver to boat communications.

Product Description

A quality full-face mask that won't require a second job to afford like many other full face scuba diving masks! A very comfortable 100% silicone mask that seals well around the face and stays dry. No mouthpiece to bite down on. Breathe through mouth or nose. Totally eliminates jaw fatigue from using a traditional scuba mask and regulator with mouth piece. A terrific choice for extended dive times, denture wearers, or those who simply would rather not use a mouthpiece. The Mantis mask comes in either black or clear silicone. An optional surface breathing valve is available to allow you to conserve your breathing gas supply by breathing ambient air while on the surface.


  • Low volume
  • Economically Priced
  • Five-way, orbital, spider strap with quick release buckles
  • Dual tempered anti-fog lenses
  • Made of one-piece, non-rigid silicone skirt
  • Communications port for optional Buddy Phone wireless comm unit
  • Available in clear or black silicone
  • Easy to equalize via a normal "nose pinch"
  • Purge valve perfectly positioned under chin. Expel water with slight exhalation. However, it is a very, very dry mask
  • Accepts any regulator, scuba or Air Line Hookah. (Regulator not included)
  • Hundreds of dollars less than other full face scuba masks with similar features.

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